Tanith started working in hospitality in bars and pubs as a teenager. Her family had a brasserie in Nottingham when she was growing up, and then later moved and opened a bar in Thailand where Tanith worked. She originally got into marketing through copywriting and branding working at grab-and-go salad brand Tossed in 2014 as Social Media Manager, where she worked her way up to Head of Marketing pretty quickly. She managed some great campaigns around Veganuary, health conscious eating and launching Europe’s first cashless sites with the Tossed brand. She moved over to burger giant Honest Burgers as Marketing Manager in 2018 and opened up their demographic to gluten free folks, as well as working on projects to harness the power of the social media influencer and strengthening the brand digitally. She worked on new site launches in Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, London Bridge, Cardiff, Liverpool St during her time with Honest.
She joined BoneDaddies as Head of Marketing in early 2020, in what was the first true in-house marketing function for the brand. Tanith spent her first year with Bone Daddies getting everything optimised and working efficiently, as well as managing the successful Tour of Ramen campaign, launching the Bone At Home delivery service during last year's lockdown and introducing some epic monthly ramen collabs. She also oversaw the launch of Bone Daddies' new Wing Daddies concept which won the R200 Innovation Award in late 2021. She's now working on an annual calendar of events and collaborations for 2022, which will see the Bone Daddies brand celebrate its 10th year anniversary.