Robin Himmels is Co-Founder & COO of the healthy food delivery company eatclever. Robin loves being in situations where he can explore the underlying mechanics of things, whether they are machines, processes, or products. Analysing and understanding how a certain ingredient in a recipe influences the taste does not just allow you to tweak the product, but also to develop new products. This insight holds value through all his interests in food, processes & technology. This curiosity led him to found his first company, an affiliate business comprised of multiple couponing platforms. Understanding how consumers and employees behave and how they can be motivated was the reason he studied business psychology and e-business. After selling his first company he decided to combine his passion for food with his desire to build and develop products & businesses. As COO he leads & develops eatclevers teams in the areas of Partner Management, Product Development, Customer Support, and Logistics. He always looks for ways to further improve the way eatclever does things together with the individual team leads.