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Phoebe Rudd, Commercial Director, The Sauce

Phoebe Rudd is Commercial Director at The Sauce. At 24 she became the youngest Commercial Director of award winning lifestyle magazine, The Handbook, where she successfully tripled marketing revenue during my time there and increased reach and database growth by over 100%. Having confidently navigated the COVID-19 pandemic with 0 redundancies and 0 furloughs, expanding the team throughout, in February 2022 she founded The Sauce, using her network of marketing clients and the reputation for running successful marketing campaigns for the sector. The Sauce is currently recognised as the fastest growing F&B digital magazine in the capital. A successful funding round was completed just 3 months ahead of launching, and we have grown to a 200,000 reach within 6 months, with 30,000 members projected by Christmas 2022. Our board proudly boasts legendary hospitality founder Iqbal Wahhab OBE, and major lifestyle journalists from LBC, the Evening Standard and The Sun.