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Anaïs Dixie, Social Media Manager, Côte

Anaïs Dixie is Social Media Manager for Côte. Having earnt a degree in Film & TV degree, she soon realised she had a passion for social media and marketing. Working in multiple agencies and on brands for big retailers like John Lewis, Boots and Amazon, she went on to invest her time in her personal hobby of creating and sharing recipes online, which gained a lot of traction, with her TikTok account reaching 350k followed and over 30m views. This led her to make move to join Côte Brasserie, where she leads the social media strategy and generates content across their social media channels. Her proudest successes here have been verifying the channels, generating over 10M impressions within 6 months and creating engaging content which reaches over 1% of engagement monthly, beating their defined competitors every month.