A graduate in Psychology and Philosophy, Richard Dickson has over twenty five years experience in retail, business development and increasing turnover. Making the change to working for the Not for Profit Social and Environmental organisation Green Earth Appeal in 2017, Richard is now their Head of Partnership and runs their United Nations Environment endorsed Restaurant Initiative, Carbon Free Dining. Richard has recently returned from a visit to Tanzania where Carbon Free Dining restaurant partners and their diners have planted over 1/4 Million trees and provided some of the worlds poorest communities with a sustainable way of life now and for generations to come. 2019 brings the target of over 1/2 million trees to help counterbalance the Carbon Footprint and foodwaste of the meals Carbon Free. Dining partner restaurants serve, whilst helping end developing world poverty. Carbon Free Dining also helps meet the first four major 'Sustainable Development Goals' the United Nations Environment have set up to help support the developing world.