Born in 1979 in Reykjavik, Ragnar grew up partly in the city as on his aunts dairy farm on Iceland´s south coast developing a strong connection with nature, the local produce and the culinary culture of the country.  After failing high school, Ragnar worked in various restaurants, cafés and bars around downtown Reykjavik, until starting a culinary internship at the Saga Hotel in 2002, graduating in 2006 from the Icelandic hospitality and culinary college.  After working for a year and a half at Grillid, Icelands premium fine dining restaurant since the early ’60s, Ragnar moved to Copenhagen where he lived for the next 7 years.  While in Denmark Ragnar explored the city's ever-expanding restaurant scene and worked for a short while at places like Noma and Premissé (now AOC). Eventually, he found his place with an English born chef Paul Cunningham, for whom he worked for almost 6 years, both at his Michelin starred restaurant The Paul, in Copenhagen´s Tivoli gardens and at Henne Kirkeby Kro, an idyllic inn on Denmark's west coast. In 2014 Ragnar moved back to Iceland and started working at Dill for chef Gunnar Gislason, whom he replaced as a head chef of Dill in late 2015 when Gislason moved to New York City.  Ragnar followed Gislason´s vision of Dill, emphasising local ingredients and the obscure eccentric flavours of the north. Now Ragnar is no longer directly involved with Dill and owns and operates a small wine bar in downtown Reykjavik. Also he is developing a new restaurant concept to open soon in Reykjavik.