Rachel Persoon is the owner of Typhoon Hospitality, a marketing and PR agency specialising in the hospitality and spirits industry. With offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp, Typhoon Hospitality assists clients in enhancing their visibility and awareness across various platforms. This includes PR, social media, digital marketing and activating local communities, bartenders and other B2C consumers through activations and events.
The agency operates throughout the Benelux and Ibiza and is about to open its first office in Germany in 2024. Rachel Persoon is a passionate entrepreneur guiding a team of 20 international professionals. Over the years Rachel won several awards; from the RMI 30 under 30 in 2018 till the award for Best PR agency of The Netherlands by Fonk150 in 2023. These honours solidify Typhoon Hospitality’s standing as one of the premier PR and hospitality agencies in The Benelux.