Scottish TV Presenter Phil MacHugh’s latest show - Scottish Fling - alongside pal, actor Martin Compston, is all about what makes modern Scotland tick today. Aired on BBC Two and BBC Scotland, Scottish Fling documents the guys on their road trip across the country, visiting some incredible places and bringing their shared passion for Scotland and Scottish culture to UK audiences. Their journey is immersive and personal, and they explore remote locations as well as thriving cities full of modern culture. Phil comes from a media family enriched with Scottish music, heritage, and culture. He started his colourful career as a children's TV presenter in Scotland and over the years has fronted numerous TV programmes from London to New York - bringing his energetic personality to audiences at home and abroad. He has presented programmes for NBC in America (Today Show), has been a regular face on Channel 5 News and CNN News - both as a presenter and guest - as well as being a businessman and columnist. Glasgow-raised and Edinburgh-based, Phil is a native Gaelic speaker. His quick wit and energetic personality mean conversation is never dull and naturally carries guests along for the ride. As one of the UK's most sociable columnists and an active TV personality, Phil who has established himself as a respected voice and the man in the know when it comes to what to do, drink, eat, travel and wear about town.