Peter is CEO of Beaver Trison; a digital agency, whose team has been innovating in, and developing, the digital signage industry since 1998. IKEA, SSP, Whitbread, Odeon, Center Parcs, Showcase and GSK among many others are using digital solutions which Beaver Trison’s project experts, engineers and creative teams have designed, installed and support. Using custom applications, analytics and reporting, success is continuously measured against KPI’s with each project the team delivers.

Beaver Truison has a global footprint through Spanish parent company, TRISON, who have people and offices across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Peter has both a technical and creative background which informs the strategy and consultancy expertise he provides clients. He is excited by helping people navigate the project process and make the right technology and content choices, and crucially, also ensuring that relevance, frictionless customer experiences and a demonstrable value exchange is at the heart of what is delivered by the digital solution. 

With decades-long and first-hand experience in digital signage and broader digital technologies, Peter can design solutions which connect seemingly separate digital systems to create truly engaging experiences for customers which scale across broader roll-outs, and also return measurable value to the business, reducing risk and providing a platform to effect real, ongoing change.