Mikala Kofoed Rasmussen has worked with the restaurant industry on-off since 2008. From Meyers (Claus Meyer co-creater of noma) where she did events/masterclasses to promote the qualities of the Danish food culture and operates at all levels in the value chain from farm to table. And now at her position at Wonderful Copenhagen, working to promote and develop both business and leisure tourism. She works through several networks and development projects with restaurants across Copenhagen, have launched  a new gastro narrative for Copenhagen and a digital magazine “Craving Copenhagen” where the purpose is to shine a light on some of the many new and exciting things happening in the kitchens and restaurants across the capital.   

Her aim is always to work closely together with the big and small “players” to make sure that Copenhagen continues to have a worldclass gastronomy offer for the enjoyment of both local and international guests.