Michael Radley is the Co-Founder of Joli, the influencer marketing platform for hospitality. Michael's background in hospitality technology coupled with his micro-influencer side hustle in the industry led him on to launching the first end-to-end influencer management tool, designed specifically for hospitality & leisure brands. 

Joli, formerly Nibble, works with over 80 hospitality businesses up and down the UK. The app vets and curates micro and nano influencers based on reach, following, location, audience demographics, content style, category and even dietary requirements. Then matches and connects the right influencers for hospitality businesses based on their specific requirements. The platform streamlines, and now fully automates, the booking management process which notoriously has involved lots of influencer outreach, admin and back and forth communications when arranging collaborations. Joli is designed to remove all of this and save brands time and money. Joli's dashboard also tracks and stores all influencer-generated content and measures the impact so brands can monitor the success influencer marketing is having on the business.