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The Alchemist

Best Use Of Social Media

The Alchemist approach social media in both a proactive and reactive way simultaneously . This allows the brand to plan ahead using platform insights whilst staying agile and relevant at key times.

Channels are strategically positioned based on a platform's users. As an example, LinkedIn is focused on a corporate market whilst Pinterest is position towards a more creative audience. The content shows the brand's proposition naturally flowing through to social media. 'Theatre Served' is at the forefront of The Alchemist's content, creating stories and moments to engage in.

In their most recent campaign, The Alchemist saw over 190,000 reach without the need for any paid media suport. This used a variety of content to generate high engagement rates and utilised location tagging and hashtags to gain a wider reach. The Alchemist is a great example of social media done right within the hospitality industry.