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JW Lees with Squad

Best New/Improved Visual Identity

JW Lees in a brand cemented in to the history of the UK, being over 190 years old.  The brand partnered with Squad to create an exciting new vision the would bring a different prospect to meet the ever-changing demand from consumers and ever-increasing comeptition.

Squad interviewed management, held workshops and participated in company-run meetings. From this, alongside rich industry knowledge, Squad pieced together a rich picture of the opportunities and challenges that JW Lees were facing.

Squad set an action plan to reinvent what JW Lees stood for, obtaining buy-in from all stakeholders to drive towards on main vision and correctly dipicted their brand and what they stood for. This followed as a compelling mission for the company, falling with brewing firmly being at the heart of the family buisiness; offering places full of atmosphere, with the best hospitality and the best food.

JW Lee's rujuvination is a great case study of a bold, long-term brand building project that delivers results for a well-established name.