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Coppa Club

Integrated Campaign Of The Year

Coppa Club won best integrated campaign of the year for their Igloo Campaign. The brand wanted to utilise their outside space which overlooked the Thames river at winter, when it is seldom used due to weather. The solution needed to be temporary and not block views; the igloos delivered on this by using Perspex glass and timber which is stable enough to withstand the wind but be taken down relatively easy for the next season.

Coppa Club partnered with Secret London to drive anticipation and announce the igloos were coming back. They combined this with social media, influencer marketing and press post-launch to get people talking about the igloos all across the world.

The igloos sold out in 48 hours and drove a number of fascinating statistics for the brand including 112,000 web page views and 20,000 emails in just 3 days. This campaign was clearly a hit with customers, driving Coppa Club as the must-visit destination in London during the winter