David Chenery of Object Space Place is an interior architect and design consultant. Over the last four years, OSP has worked to understand the sustainability challenges facing the restaurant industry, and this now dominates their approach to design. They are currently embarking on a research project to create the design framework for a truly “Restorative Restaurant”, one that they define as ‘giving more than it takes’. The approach is being built around the principles of a circular economy; designing with the end of life in mind, building in rigorous flexibility, designing out waste and lowering embodied and operational carbon.

We talk about how he is fitting out an old supermarket at the moment and how the new owner has said there are to be no skips on-site during the new project—a tremendous change in mindset. We discuss the restorative restaurant and how brands can fit out venues with sustainability in mind.  Lastly, we discuss how fit-outs can be pulled apart to be reused or salvaged to make sure they are re-used, designing for flexibility and end of life.