From starting the agency with £17.22 in her bank account, the business now works with some of the UK’s most loved brands, artists, and businesses. A regular contributor to Campaign, PR Week, AdAge and The Marketing Society, Charlotte and her agency are committed to driving hype, demand and legacy for brands. Earlier this year Charlotte made the Ad Age ‘’Top 20 Leading women in marketing, media and advertising in Europe’’ list. Charlotte has worked her way to the boardroom by becoming a conduit between stakeholders and their guest/ customer, simplifying the evolving landscape. She will frequently be heard commenting that the book, ‘The Tanning of America’ influenced her outlook and empowered her to embrace her cultural differences, to add further value to her client’s marketing communications. Her ability to connect a client’s brand and proposition to make an interesting story steeped in culture and experience for a customer is unrivalled. This, paired with her 'get sh*t done' attitude has resulted in The Fitting Room delivering some of UK’s most well-known campaigns and events. Clients will tell you, ‘’Charlotte is the person you want at the table if you’re really looking to drive change’’. She will challenge, educate and get you comfortable with the uncomfortable, which will in turn, drive a better outcome.From global brands like Bugaboo, to household names like Idris Elba, to our favourite eateries like Wagamama, Charlotte is committed to creating hype, demand and legacy.