Alice ter Haar’s purpose is to ignite people's potential so they can become the best version of themselves. She sparks the life-changing idea that individuals can create greater career happiness, life fulfilment and give more back as they become more self-aware and self-empowered. Alice delivers this message as a keynote speaker and through her personal development consultancy, Badass Unicorn, where she transforms individuals and teams by inspiring them to invest in their personal growth.

She loves working with tech scale-ups, like Gousto, and industry-definers, like Ocado, alongside delivering partner and public programmes. She’s a keen social commentator, writing for the likes of People Management and HR Zone, and enjoys sharing her “warts ‘n’ all” story on social media. Prior to going full time on her business, Alice spent four years scaling one of Europe’s fastest growing start-ups, Deliveroo. She’s enjoyed a varied marketing career with stints including FTSE 100 Whitbread and starting up the business for ‘photographer to the stars’, Terry O’Neill CBE. Her personal development journey was inspired by her time on The Marketing Academy Scholarship, an experience that emboldened her to spread its magic as far as she can.