Aaron, the co-founder of Ambl, launched the app in January 2023 with the mission to revolutionise how customers discover venues. Focused on addressing last-minute cancellations, Ambl empowers users to broadcast their needs to nearby venues, fostering a dynamic system where venues can respond, driving incremental bookings.

In 2022, Aaron took the bold step of leaving his job, securing funding to develop the app. Since then, he and his dedicated team have been actively engaging with London venues, building partnerships, and cultivating a robust database. Currently collaborating with approximately 350 venues in London, Ambl has successfully built a customer base of 38,000 in the city.

Entering its second year of operation, Ambl proudly sponsors the RMI, showcasing significant advancements in technology to channel more customers towards exceptional venues. Aaron's journey reflects a commitment to innovation and a passion for transforming the hospitality landscape.